adj. & n.
1 of or characterized by harmony; harmonious.
2 Mus. a of or relating to harmony. b (of a tone) produced by vibration of a string etc. in an exact fraction of its length.
3 Math. of or relating to quantities whose reciprocals are in arithmetical progression (harmonic progression).
1 Mus. an overtone accompanying at a fixed interval (and forming a note with) a fundamental.
2 Physics a component frequency of wave motion.
Phrases and idioms:
harmonic motion (in full simple harmonic motion) oscillatory motion under a retarding force proportional to the amount of displacement from an equilibrium position. harmonic progression (or series) Math. a series of quantities whose reciprocals are in arithmetical progression.
harmonically adv.
Etymology: L harmonicus f. Gk harmonikos (as HARMONY)

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